Fractured Haven

A Daring Rescue

Waking up the next morning, the party scouted the different entrances to Castle Senauros, and decided the best course of action would be to split up and enter from different directions. Xalgian and Logar climbed a tree and jumped across to the top of the wall, they managed to make it into the castle without sounding the alarm. Tomas and Devon entered the Castle from the closest gate to the stables, but when they announced they were healers the Iron Mercenaries there took them to an Oromancer named Morgana, leading the occupying forces. Morgana directed them to care for the wounded, and the two healers were taken to the medical tent. While Devon impressed the soldiers with his healing abilities, Tomas was able to get a guard to escort him to the stables. On the way he met up with Xalgian and Logar, and the three of them convinced the guard to leave them be. After approaching and searching the stables, they found Ariel hiding in the wreckage behind some hay bales. As they left the stables, the party saw that the nearby airship was momentarily unguarded. Tomas quickly retrieved Devon and, despite the tutor’s sudden desire to stay and be of use, got him to flee with the rest of the party. Climbing aboard the airship, the group was able to escape before the Iron Mercenaries could rally to stop them. As they flew away from the castle, The party instructed Luna, who up until this point had been hiding out of sight in the woods, to meet them in a clearing. they dropped a rope down and Xalgian and Logar used the airship’s ballistae to provide cover while she climbed up. Next the group attempted to link up with their caravan group, but discovered the caravan had been attacked by unknown assailants and was no where to be found. Fearing Morgana’s retribution, the party quickly set sail once again, their destination the great city of Vizantium.



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