Common Born Tirran Boy


Small of stature, dressed in fireproof leather with his hair shorn close to his head. Carries a well made rapier of whitesteel. Pivots on his foot when nervous.

STR: 7 (2)
AGI:12 (4)
CON: 14 (4)
WIL: 11 (3)
INT: 8 (2)
PER: 11 (3)
CHA: 11 (3)


Born a commoner, Xalgian always wanted to be a fighter. He dreams of one day mastering all the different fighting styles of the Imperium. Don’t ask him to visit and shady taverns (he had a bad experience in one once), but his thirst for knowledge drives him to all sorts of adventure. Has a good friend who left for the city of Tir with her parents to become a Chef.


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