Fractured Haven

An Underground Adventure

After deciding to return to the underground Eteni complex and try to find their way towards Senauros undetected, the party took a few thousand feet of rope from the caravan and made their way inside. After some exploring, it was evident that a giant battle of some sort had been fought in this structure, with skeletons and broken furniture littering the floors. The party continued trekking inwards, searching through a maze of tunnels and doors. Along the way, they had a brief glimpse of a giant spider, and discovered that the complex was once built around an Aetherwell, a massive nexus of energies that existed during the Eteni Era. This well was now empty, and the enormous cavern that once held it is now filled with spiders. The party also found a number of strange, rectangular objects that seem to store and transfer a lot of this energy. After finding the Aetherwell, the characters caught a glimpse of two emaciated Pretarin scouts, who were eating a baby spider in the corner of a room. The scouts fled immediately and the party gave chase, until they came to a blind turn and stopped short as the scouts threw two javelins at them. Logar crawled forwards in the shadows, and snuck his way behind the two scouts then killed one with its own javelin. Luna shot the second one simultaneously with a crossbow, and the party moved on down the hall to find a dead end. Dejected, Tomas took the map from Devon, who had been keeping record of the course they had taken, and noticed that the complex seemed to be symmetrical. Hoping for a quick exit, they followed similar corridors along familiar routes at top speed, until a spider jumped from the darkness and attacked Jasper, the Tirran Guard that was escorting them. The spider was killed, but not before it had bitten Jasper in the back, requiring quick medical intervention on the part of Tomas, who managed to rally Jasper’s body against the toxin but was unable to fully remove it from his system. The party picked up the unconscious guard and fled to the exit hall of the complex, where they found the massive stone doors closed ahead of them. Thinking quickly, the party inserted one of the rectangular artifacts they had found into a slot in the wall, and all the carvings of the wall lit up and one half of the door started to move. the party fled the complex as thousands and thousands of giant spiders, awakened from deeper within by vibrations in the net, boiled up towards the outside. Luna used a spell to accelerate a flask of oil into the mix of spiders and Xalgian ignited it with a brilliant column of flame. The party fled into the woods, and Luna led them to a familiar hideaway she once played in as a child, where they made camp for the night and began plotting their reconnaissance of Castle Senauros.



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