The Imperium of Haven

The pinnacle of human civilization, the Imperium of Haven stands as a testament to the cooperation of Human and Oromancer. For over a millennium, the Imperium has stood firm and guided its citizens towards a prosperous and glorious future.

The Imperium is ruled by the Emperor, who sits upon the Golden Throne in the Flying City of Zadaa. The Emperor has ruled since forming the Imperium after the Time of War.

Currently the Imperium is made up of the territory of the Eight Major Houses of the Oromancers. Among these Provinces dwell numerous other groupings of Oromancers known as the Minor Houses.

To the East of the Imperium lies the Shattered Lands, a wasteland of fire and canyons that marks one of the final battles of the Time of War. The Imperium is kept safe from the beasts and firestorms of the Broken Lands by the Eastwall, one of the two titanic defensive structures raised by the Jorrunese Oromancers after the end of the Time of War. It stretches from the northern edge of the Continent of Haven down to the southernmost edge of the Imperium.

To the South of the Imperium lies the Wadings, a shallow sea, devoid of life and filled with sour, tepid water, it is the result of the many typhoons and hurricanes cast upon the fleeing Eteni to seal their way behind them.

West lies the Forest of Arden, the last true remnant of Ancient Magic in Haven. The forest is dangerous in its unpredictability, and its strange denizens are kept clear of the Imperium thanks to the Westwall, the second great fortification of the Imperium, stretching from coast to coast of the Azure Sea.

To the North is the Azure Sea, which spans across the North and West edges of Haven. As of yet no one knows what lies beyond.

The Imperium of Haven

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