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A Brief History of Haven

The Continent of Haven was originally inhabited by the Eteni, a group of Iron Age civilizations that worshiped a pantheon of Old Gods and used Strange Magic. Much about the Eteni is not remembered, but it is known that when The Rift first appeared it changed everything for them.

When the Rift finally opened and the Oromancer refugees emerged, the Eteni Society was thrown into chaos. There were some Religious leaders who demanded the Oromancers be refused as monsters, and others who believed the Oromancers represented divine intervention. The Oromancers demanded and were granted audience with the Eteni Council of Lords, and at this meeting they demanded fealty of the Eteni and total subservience. The Eteni naturally refused, and tensions between the two peoples quickly spiraled out of control.

And so began the Time of War.

After the Oromancer victory over the Eteni, Human culture was remade in the image of Oromancer society. Naming Magic was woven into this new civilization at a fundamental level, quickly bringing quality of life to previously impossible heights. The Major Houses divided the remaining territory among themselves, and named it The Imperium of Haven.

A thousand years later. the Oromancers still rule. Humanity has forgotten any idea of life without the Oromancers and their magic, let alone thoughts of rebellion. The terrible beasts that once plagued humanity have been driven far beyond the borders of the Imperium, and its citizens enjoy luxury and abundance as never before.

But it will not last.

Tensions have been rising. The Major Houses squabble over power and priority, Hordes of Pretarin have been spotted in the Shattered Lands beyond the Eastwall, and the Golden Legion led by the Emperor himself has marched south several months ago and not been seen or heard from since. The millennia-long hold of the Imperium has begun to crack, and the fate of millions of lives will hang in the balance.

Main Page

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