TOWN - Dustrun

Last Known Status: Sacked and occupied by Abraxen Soldiers


Prosperity: Nothing for sale, nobody has more than they need. Unskilled labor is cheap.

Population: The city has lost its population and is on the verge of collapse.

Defenses: There are armed defenders (Braxis) at all times. There is always at least one active patrol.

NPCs Encountered:
Rafe: Young stable boy of the noble family. Was severely frostbitten and helped by Tomas.

Abraxis Soldier: Severely injured by fire. Healed enough by Tomas to be fooled into passing a report, which detailed that several half-bloods had overrun his squad and escaped the city.


A small town in the Province of Tir, made up of several farms scattered around an urban district, guarded by a small Keep and ruled by a minor family of Tirran Nobles.

Recently the town was attacked, and Abraxen Soldiers have taken control of the Keep. Dustrun’s inhabitants are fleeing the city if they can.

TOWN - Dustrun

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