Tomas Visanti

Eccentric Son of the House Visanti


Unruly hair and strange (read as lazy, but varied) wardrobe. Holds Granpappy’s dagger, passed down from the war. Socially Inept. Intelligent and excellent strategist, Tomas is able to quickly read a situation and surmise a workable solution.

Quick to act, but slow to fight, he tends to find ways to avoid physical conflict, though he often finds himself in danger of it. With a sharp wit and a sarcastic persona, his social ineptitude could easily be mistaken for social bravado.

STR: 5 (1)
AGI: 11 (3)
CON: 8 (2)
WIL: 16 (5)
INT: 14 (4)
PER: 10 (3)
CHA: 9 (3)


Tomas was always a social outcast within the Noble circles that he was born in to. Never one to accept his lot in life, he decided that a life on the road would be more fitting. Well that, and there was an unfortunate incident with a hamster that he doesn’t like to talk about. He blew up his sister’s hamster while trying to heal it. There. Now you know. Are you happy, now?

With his tutor and caravan in tow, he wanders the world in order to better understand and ruminate on his gift as a blood namer, as well as search for social acceptance, picking up strays along the way.

Tomas Visanti

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