Fractured Haven

The Story Begins

Xalgien and Tomas were traveling in a caravan through Tir, when they saw a city under attack in front of them. They rushed in, against the better wishes of Tomas’ tutor, to try and help whoever they could. Tomas helped a boy with a frostbitten arm, who told him that the Abraxen soldiers had snuck into the keep under false pretenses before attacking and immediately killing the Lord’s Royal Whisper. It seems that a civil war has broken out, at least between the Abraxen and Tirran Houses. After helping the child, the two boys tried to get closer to the Keep to find out what was going on. Abraxen soldiers at the gate barred their way, and Xalgien and Tomas turned away in search of any wounded Abraxens. They found a soldier trapped in the burned ruins of a house, with horrible burns across his face and hands. Tomas healed his lungs enough for him to talk, and the boys tricked the soldier into believing that he was reporting to an Abraxen messenger boy. The soldier told them that his squad had been overrun by a group of Half Bloods fleeing the keep, and that several of the Nobles had escaped down the west road towards Vyzantium. Leaving the city, Tomas and Xalgien were reunited with their caravan, and after browbeating his tutor and blackmailing him, Tomas managed to turn the caravan towards Vyzantium, in search of the escaped Nobles. Meanwhile, Luna Senauros was leaving her home on the way to a musical school when she saw a suspicious activity. A group of Abraxen “traders” who looked particularly muscular and fierce were entering her city. She and her brother Jacen, accompanied by their bodyguards Hantz and Lawrence, set off on Horseback for Luna’s destination. Several minutes later, Luna received a sudden message from her father saying her castle was under attack. The message was accompanied by the sounds of fighting, and cut off abruptly. Nearly immediately after, Luna’s group was ambushed and shot with crossbows from the forest. Five Abraxen soldiers rushed out of the woods and a battle ensued, during which the Abraxens were swiftly dispatched by the four Namers. As the last enemy was dispatched, Luna saw twelve more Abraxens step from the woods, crossbows raised, just before Jacen, in a desperate burst of energy, threw Luna deep into the woods with a magical soundwave. Luna stuck a tree and passed out. Upon awaking, Luna could hear several dozen soldiers searching the woods around her. Using her magic, she muffled the sound of her footsteps and made her way back to the road, where she found only blood smears and churned dirt. Dazed, she headed back towards her home, hoping to find out what was happening to her family. As she drew nearer, she encountered and was pursued by another group of soldiers, who chased her deep into the woods. In her flight from the soldiers, Luna fell through an overgrown wooden hatch into an underground passageway. She broke her ankle in the fall and lay there until the soldiers passed her by. Slowly, she began to explore the passage she had fallen in, first navigating through echolocation and then, when that proved too draining, by fashioning a makeshift torch from some spare cloth and rotted wood from the tunnel. She eventually made her way to a strange room, deep within the labyrinthine passages, made entirely of iron and sealed tight. Luna heard a voice within the room, and opened the door to find a man, chained to the wall with massive iron shackles. The man, who introduced himself as Nero, said he had been taken captive and locked away down here by the residents of the complex, a strange claim since the complex had been Eteni in origin, and abandoned for at least a thousand years. Nevertheless, Luna released Nero from his bonds, and he thanked her by leading her out of the complex, seemingly without the use of a torch. Upon her return above ground, Luna saw a caravan traveling through the night, and approached it before passing out from exhaustion. This caravan, which had ended up being Tomas and Xalgien looking for more information and hoping to investigate the fate of House Senauros, took her in and healed her ankle. Luna slept for twelve hours, and when she awoke she explained her situation to Tomas and Xalgien, who prompted her to try and contact her family via a whisper. Luna tried first her father, then her mother and brother, failing each time before finally getting contact with her younger sister hazel, who said she was trapped in the castle, and begged Luna to come rescue her. With Tomas, Xalgien, Devon (Tomas’ tutor), and one of the two caravan guards, Luna returned to the Eteni Complex, hoping to find a passage to bring her closer to home undetected…



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